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What to Do if You Have Mushrooms in Your Lawn

Getting Rid of Lawn Mushrooms

Mushrooms are usually an unwelcome guest at any summer lawn party, as they tend to show up uninvited and often bring along multiple pesky friends. 

All analogies aside, mushrooms really can be an eyesore, ruining the uniformity of an otherwise healthy, green lawn. They can also be difficult to eradicate completely and there are poisonous species that can pose a danger to pets and young children. The good news? The health of your lawn won’t be compromised by mushroom growth. In fact, mushrooms can help your lawn thrive by decomposing and recycling valuable organic material, such as roots and tree stumps.   

Mushroom Growth

Mushrooms are a part of a fungus that grows underground. They reproduce by spores, which work very similarly to seeds, and spread by wind and rain. They may appear in clusters or in circles called "fairy rings". 

Wet and/or humid environments create the ideal conditions for mushrooms to sprout. A lack of sunlight can also be a culprit. If you are seeing mushrooms occur regularly on your lawn, you may want to prune overhanging trees and/or shrubbery to allow more filtered light to shine through. You may also need to curtail your irrigation practices to allow your saturated lawn dry out a bit. If you have drainage issues, you will need to correct these yourself or with the help of a lawn care professional — otherwise, mushrooms will likely reappear. 


Mushrooms can be removed by hand or via mowing. Although these are temporary fixes, tackling any mushroom growth quickly can help limit the spread of spores. 

The improvement of environmental conditions is your best bet when it comes to the long-term control of lawn mushrooms. Regular fertilization, watering at the right time and ensuring healthy drainage are all important practices when it comes to eliminating fungi from the lawn. 

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